Pitfalls to Avoid During Corporate Video Productions

Even with the clearest guide on how to make corporate video productions, it is still useful to be well versed with the common mistakes that you should avoid when making these videos. Making corporate videos is not very difficult especially when you know what to look out for. Some of the common mistakes that are made when making corporate videos can be easily avoided but will have grave consequences if committed. A great corporate vision requires accurate depiction to become a great corporate video. At Sydney corporate video companies, very detail in corporate video productions has to be carefully thought out and executed. Below are the common mistakes to avoid when making a corporate video that will appeal to your target audience.

Pre-production Inadequate Planning

A corporate video requires careful and detailed planning before anything is done. You should not pick up the phone to call one of the companies that provide corporate video productions before you have a clear understanding of what you want to be in the video, your budget, the message and most importantly your goals. Most people randomly pick up the phone and start enquiring about quotes even before they have an idea of what their budget is. Having a list of goals is essential in providing guidance as to what is to be included in the video. Without clear goals, your video is bound to be a collection of mixed thoughts that have no bearing, and thus a waste of money.

Not Identifying your Target Audience

It is common to see corporate videos that totally miss their target audence. Every corporate video depending on the intended goals needs to have a target audience. Without the right audience in mind, it is easy for those tasked with spearheading the corporate video productions to steer off target. It is easy to create a video that is pleasing to yourself, but is totally unappealing to your customers. The video production process should be guided by customer preferences; only what appeals and is useful to the customer should be included in the video. Anything other than that would amount to a waste of money.

Overshadowing Professionals

In many cases, those appointed to oversee the corporate video productions over impose themselves in the process and thus affect the quality of the outcome. The script should be left to professionals; they have the required skills to clearly highlight the message in an appealing and interesting manner. Professional video equipment is a must to create high quality corporate videos. After you get your corporate video do not let it gather dust but instead get professionals to advise you on the best channels to use to reach your target audience.


The above points highlight the most common mistakes that bear the most impact when it comes to corporate video productions results. Make sure you avoid these mistakes so as to get value for your money through the best corporate video. If you're after more assistance, visit ER Productions






Corporate Video Production: What You Need To Know About Training Videos

Looking to train your staff? Employ the use of brilliant training videos. Not only will you greatly reduce the expense of staff training programs, you will also save your business precious time. Training videos – which are essentially crafted for the purpose of staff training and also for aptly demonstrating sales techniques – are a part of corporate video production. This type of videos for businesses is a great way of training and showing actions that cannot be expressed in words. Contact and try this video production Sydney business for your next training video


Benefits of Training Videos as Part of Corporate Video Production

Saves money – To maintain your business profits, you have to invest wisely and more so in training videos. Instead of training incoming staff multiple times over the years, with the same expensive training programs and materials, employ the use of training videos and save tons of money. The repeated use of instructional training videos eliminates recurring costly expenses. In other words, corporate video production simply returns the investment to your business.


Consistent valuable instructions – If you want important information delivered consistently and in an unequivocal manner to new employees, use instructional training videos. These videos cannot be compared to hiring trainers, who can train your incoming staff not in the same way and neither providing the same emphasis on specific aspects needed valuably in the daily running of your business. So, corporate video production is simply the best way to train staff.


Convenience of providing messages to every incoming employee – Time is really valuable for any busy and well-running business. As such, there is hardly any time to meet and greet each and every new staff. That is where corporate video production comes in handy. With simple training video materials, you can easily create a straightforward video recording with a brilliant congratulatory and welcoming message. There is no better way to connect with your new staff.

Other Benefits of Corporate Video Production in the Form of Training Videos

Saves Time – Are you running a larger business with numerous branch locations? Do you need to reduce your travelling costs when training new employees in every branch? Well, use training videos and save valued time. With these videos, you can simultaneously train all your recruits – in all your branch locations – via one online training video. If that does not put a smile on your face, then no other type of corporate video production will. Time is valuable money.


Presents clear demonstrations – If you want to make aware all your new employees about say, your company’s safety procedures or an item that they might come in contact with, use training videos with clear visuals, demonstrations and precise instructions. However, to experience all these benefits, corporate video production must be done professionally.






Sydney Video Production is Proven Best by Films Shot in the Country

Setting up a business is the easiest part, but promoting your business is the hardest phase that can take some time depending on the move that you have taken. According to recent surveys and studies, video production is the best marketing tool that could boost your business in a short period of time. People who are already interested in what you offer are watching how good your business is and that they should make a purchase right away. However, making a video production is not as easy as it sounds. There are a few important elements that need extra focus for the video production to be effective. One of which is looking for the best Sydney video production.


Australia is known worldwide for its beautiful landmarks that are perfect for video productions. Sydney, specifically, has been the chosen location of many films over the years. Audiences were amazed by the beauty that the place offers. With more than 150 films shot in Sydney, it has been the favourite location of many directors and producers internationally including the Hollywood industry. Sydney video production has been at its best ever since videos were created. 


Take a look at one of the top films that took place in Sydney on the year of 1995 – “Babe”. It was an adaptation of the novel “The Sheep-Pig”. The film pictures a comedy-drama script that touched the hearts of the millions of people who got to watch the film. The director of the film was Chris Noonan. It was undeniably a box office success with over $36 million dollars grossed at the box office in Australia alone. It won several awards including Golden Globe Award for the Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Sydney video production has been creating award winning films ever since. The story revolves around a pig named Babe and the animals that he lived together in a farm. Babe managed to help most of the animals included in the story with their unusual concerns and made friends with everyone. Babe was later on entered on a sheep-herding competition by his owner Arthur. He got help from his friends and made the sheep follow his instructions. He became the crowd favourite and was given the highest score among his competitors making him win the competition. Sydney video production has created wonderful elements such as locations, scenery, peacefulness, etc. that suit that film perfectly.


“Babe” showed many locations in Australia such as Albion Park, Robertson, Southern Highlands, Sydney and New South Wales. All locations wowed the audiences with its exceptional beauty and simplicity. There is no better production to create your video other than Sydney video production. 


Sydney video production is a must have for your business. Viewers will love how your video was created and would finish watching the whole video. Never doubt the power of their production skills. Consider the number of films being shot there up to date. Once you get their attention, they will likely check out your business and make a purchase. It is a sure profit for you and an increase in the activity of your business.






How Corporate Video Production Can Help Your Business

Corporate video production is more than just shooting and editing videos for businesses. It is a way of conveying the benefits and features of a business’ products and services. A lot of businesses have employed the services of corporate video productions to turn their concept into something that potential clients and existing customers will find appealing. The video producer combines all the elements of the video into a polished end product. Videos tend to grab the attention of viewers and make them stay on the website longer. If the video manages to engage the visitor right away, one is likely to remain on the page to finish it. Websites with videos also have a high conversion rate. Through the videos, visitors learn more about the products and the company. It improves the reputation of the business because visitors see them as the authority when it comes to the particular product or services. 


Nowadays, corporate video production provides several types of videos for businesses. The two most popular ones are testimonial videos and event coverage videos. These two videos can help with the marketing strategy of businesses

Testimonial Videos

Services of corporate video production can help businesses create testimonial videos that feature real customers that talk about how they are happy with the products or services. There’s no better spokesperson for the company than a satisfied customer. The video is a good way to establish social proof that is considered as one of the most powerful sales tools. Success stories are powerful resources for sales and marketing strategies of the business. Testimonial videos can be placed on the website or a sales page to promote a particular product or service of the business. Consumers don’t trust written testimonials because it is hard to find out whether the comments are real. That’s why video testimonials are more convincing, especially if the testimonial is spontaneous and not scripted. 

Event Coverage Video Production

Companies use event coverage videos to document a corporate event and use the videos to provide previews of how the event will be in the future. A reliable corporate video production company can document the event for the business. That way the business doesn’t have to worry about recording the proceedings because a professional is already on it. Whether it is a product launch or any other corporate event, the production crew can capture everything and provide an edited copy of the recording.   


Nicely done corporate video production provides a lot of benefits to businesses such as promoting customer engagement and conversion of visitors. Videos also improve the authority of businesses. That’s why a lot of companies are employing the services of corporate video production to help them with their video marketing campaigns and improve their bottom line.